Web Summit 2019 in full swing (live link within)

Prominent technology conference opens in Lisbon


Thousands of visitors and participants have begun to congregate in Lisbon, Portugal, for this year’s Web Summit event. Below we take a look at some of the key facts related to the conference.

What is it?

The Web Summit is a four-day technology conference that began in Ireland in 2009. Its prominence and importance has risen tremendously since then and is now considered the global leader when it comes to events around innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.

How big is it?

This year the event is expected to have 70,000 participants. It will play host to 1,200 speakers, 2,500 journalists, 11,000 CEO‘s, and represent a total of over 160 countries.

Who will speak at the event?

Notable speakers include Guo Ping (rotating chairman of Huawei), Margrethe Vestager (EU commissioner), Brad Smith (Microsoft president), Kate Brandt (Google sustainability officer), Katherine Maher (Wikipedia CEO) and Eric Cantona (footballer, spokesperson, Global Ambassador for Common Goal).

You can catch the event live through this link:

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