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Limassol from aove

Vladislav can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure, My name is Vladislav I’m 26, I was born in Vladivostok, Russia, but left when I was 4. Moved to Limassol with my Mum back in ’98 and been living here since. I know 3 languages – Russian, English and Greek.  I studied in a Russian Private School – LITC. After graduation I went to serve the Cypriot Army for 14 months in Lithrodonta as a VAP driver.

Worked different jobs since school.  After the army, was working as a tour guide showing Cyprus for one summer. After that I started working in the financial sector.

I love the sea and everything that is connected to it: Jet-skis, waters-ports, yachting. On the other hand, i enjoy the snow and I can ski 24/7, taking a break for a couple of Apre-ski beers 😁

My passions are motorbikes, photography and traveling. One of my goals is to visit every country of the world.

Vladislav when did you move to Cyprus? How does it compare to Russia?

As mentioned above, moved in ’98, but I have been coming and going to Moscow, Russia, for the past 2 years. Mostly to see my relatives. Lately I’m investing in a small project that we are opening with a partner of mine in Moscow. Compare? I don’t know if you can really compare a small island in the Mediterranean with the biggest country in the world 😁 It is absolutely 2 different worlds. But I love both of them. There is great things about Russia, as well as there are about Cyprus.

What is your impression of Limassol?

Its my home town, that’s where I was raised, so I love it. I like the way the city is developing in regards to the new Real Estate being built. At the same time – I’m a bit shocked with the prices. But the demand is moving the market. And you can’t argue with that.

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Is photography and videography your full-time job?

To be honest no, well at least not yet. I do not feel comfortable in taking money for my work yet, because I still haven’t achieved the level of professionalism that I have in my mind. I am still mastering colour-grading, and editing. When I will feel that I reached a certain level, that’s where I will start selling, not only my work, but my services as well.

What has attracted you to the art of making videos and taking pictures?

I always took videos of everything, but never posted anything. Never had a proper social media profile, nor was I looking to share anything. And to be honest I started editing since last summer, that’s when I started posting my first YouTube videos. I have ordered some things to make a mini studio, to proceed making those videos more professional. Since the Corona Virus Lockdown that we had, I started flying my drone so that I can sharpen my skills, and I started posting on instagram and Tik-Tok. My goal is to be able to tell stories through my videos and meeting new people on the way. So far I feel its a great start.

How has the quarantine affected your life?

Pretty much made no difference at all. My job went from the office to home, so I’m still working full time, regardless of the quarantine. I may be spending less because I don’t commute to work, nor buy my morning coffee. A couple of things are sacrificed, such as traveling or going out, but for a couple of months that can wait. The only thing is that I was waiting for, was my motorbike driving exam, that was cancelled due to the lockdown, so that’s a bit disappointing.

How do you think Cyprus handled the corona virus in comparison to your hometown?

I believe its easier to lock down a smaller country that it is with a bigger one, but I believe the Cypriot government has handled the situation with the up most responsibility. And you can tell by the numbers that the result is promising. I kinda believe that they are releasing us a bit early, but they must have their reasons.


How long does it take to record and upload one of your videos? What software do you use for editing?

I’m Using Final Cut Pro X on my Mac Book Pro. And the editing time depends on the length of the video, and what I want to achieve. So for my YouTube videos, because it was the beginning of my editing experience, It could take me up to a couple of days just to get everything together. Now its easier and faster. For a 1 minute instagram video I need averagely 1 hour flying and 2 to 3 hours editing. Most of the editing process delays by searching for the right music, that’s one of the hardest but important steps, and then at the end – the colour-grading.


Any advice to other people that may want to try videography and photography?

The thing I love about photography and videography is that it is an awesome and creative way to show people how I look at the world. There is no right or wrong. So don’t worry if you don’t know something, experience comes to the ones who try. So the advise will be just – DO, capture everything, the more the better, try different angles, experiment. And most importantly – enjoy what you do.


What are your future plans for your videography? Any plans to record videos of some ancient tourist attractions in Cyprus?

I have a lot in mind. I want to shoot in a lot of places in Cyprus, places that haven’t been shot before. There are some villages in Cyprus that even some Cypriots haven’t heard of. And those villages are beautiful as well.  But that will be only available after the quarantine is over and on my free from work time. I will be posting most of my small videos in my instagram, and the big video projects on my YouTube channel.

When I will have the opportunity I would be travelling to the countries and shoot there as well.

Would you like to share anything else with our readers?

Anyone that has a dream but is afraid to start, start it as a joke, a hobby, it will be much easier to make mistakes, and then use those mistakes to your advantage to achieve your dream.

Below you can find the links to Vladislav and you can enjoy amazing videos of Limassol:

 Instagram           @stoletniy.vlad

 YouTube     Vladislav Stoletniy


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