Upcoming event: ‘ANOTHER ONE’ – Exhibition at The Edit Gallery

Limited edition prints and multiples given chance to shine at December event

Upcoming event: ‘ANOTHER ONE’ - A pop-up group exhibition at The Edit Gallery

THE EDIT GALLERY in Limassol is pleased to present ‘ANOTHER ONE’. A pop-up group exhibition dedicated to the art of limited edition prints and multiples.

Nowadays, the number of artists that choose to add prints to their creative process, which they produce in numbered editions, is constantly increasing. The same applies to the number of collectors that are focusing on this market.

The notion many have is that prints are mass-produced copies of famous artworks and are thus not particularly valuable, or that they have no investment value. Both of these are misconceptions that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Prints can be just as valuable as any other artwork.”

Prints can be just as valuable as any other artwork. Also, prints provide a more affordable way to purchase artworks. Moreover, it is also a great way for new art collectors to start off their collection.

The exhibition features an eclectic mix with some of our most sought-after international and Cypriot contemporary artists.

The Another One exhibition will feature works from: Alec Cumming (UK), Alejandra Atarés (ES), Eleni Phyla (CY), Philippos Theodorides (GR), Stella Kapezanou (GR)

Event details

The event is set to take place at The Edit Gallery in Limassol on December the 15th.

All event details can be found here: ANOTHER ONE.

More about some of the artists featured:

Alec Cumming: “Alec is an artist who works internationally having spent several years working in India. He now spends time considering his influences in different locations such as California and Sri Lanka.

His practice, oil on canvas, is traditional in medium but the images that jump in and around the canvas are vibrant and playful. Within his work he continues to explore the idea of fleeting moments.

Currently settled back to the UK, He finds himself considering the visual stimulus discovered in his three years spent in India, and travelling since then, and how these staggeringly different locations play out on canvas with his current settled space in Norfolk.”

Upcoming event: ‘ANOTHER ONE’ - Exhibition at The Edit Gallery

Alejandra Atarés: “A young person can do whatever they want, but Atarés isn´t in a common position, searching with her heart and soul what she doesn’t know. She confesses: “I don’t know what I am looking for and I hope I’ll never find it, this way I will always keep searching”.”

Upcoming event: ‘ANOTHER ONE’ - Exhibition at The Edit Gallery

Eleni Phyla: “My work, of conceptual orientation, can take different forms, from pencil on paper or paint on canvas to new media. My principle is to liberally use any medium that will help convey each of my ideas, hence I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist. I try to keep the concept simple.”

Upcoming event: ‘ANOTHER ONE’ - Exhibition at The Edit Gallery

Note: all artist information taken from each artist’s respective page


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