Sonic the Hedgehog’s wonderful cosmetic surgery

Sonic the Hedgehog redesign finally wins fan approval


In a rare instance of a studio listening to fans, Paramount Pictures had gone back to the drawing board for another stab at a CGI Sonic the Hedgehog design.

The studio’s original design was met with instant and universal backlash from both fans and casual commenters during its reveal in the first trailer for the movie.

Everything looked wrong. The eyes were too small and far apart, the nose disturbingly real, the skin too furry and carpet-like, and the teeth and mouth looked like those of a sheepshead fish.

Sonic the Hedgehog's wonderful cosmetic surgery
The two Sonic designs side-by-side.

The revised design is infinitely more appealing and much more faithful to the original Sonic design, both the one in the SEGA games as well as the cartoon that was inspired by them.

Sonic the Hedgehog's wonderful cosmetic surgeryOne thing we’ll say is that while it’s great news for fans and moviegoers that Paramount have invested time and money into improving the design, it’s not always possible for a last-minute change of this scale and significance. The type of movie, the use of CGI and the importance of the main character all played a major part in the redesign taking place.

You can see the new trailer with the altered design below:

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