KYPRIA International Festival 2020: Open call for proposals

KYPRIAI international festival is issuing an international open call for proposals to select performing arts show

KYPRIA International Festival 2020: Open call for proposals

The Artistic Director of the KYPRIA International Festival is issuing an international open call for proposals to select performing arts shows for the upcoming Festival that will take place in September and the 1st week of October 2020.

Interested parties, artists and organizations from Cyprus and abroad, are invited to submit their performing arts proposals (genres: theatre, dance, music, opera, musical, performances for children, site-specific performances or any combination of the above) plus proposals for performances in non-conventional venues (street theatre, town squares, etc.).

According to the Festival procedures, the Artistic Director is also endorsed, to address cooperation proposals directly to acknowledged artistic groups/organizations and artists and/or invite them to submit their proposals or even suggest specific collaborations. The aim is to provide the best possible Festival program, characterized by boldness, innovation and original structure but mainly by the quality and aesthetic completeness of its productions.

KYPRIA International Festival aims to present a collection of new performing arts productions characterized by the following:

a) productions of high quality, which shall elevate the audience’s artistic feeling,

b) productions that display universal values and reflect on social and political phenomena of our time through a timeless approach,

c) productions that are original and modern by means of conceptions and execution, and

d) ‘outside the box’ productions that operate in a controversial but also creative way and cover the whole spectrum of performing arts.

Emphasis will also be given to innovative approaches. The open call for proposals encourages collaborations between Cypriot and foreign artists in order to imbue Cypriot creation with new ideas and approaches. The final Festival program should display an international character.

Local productions that are financed by other institutions (THYMELI program, Ministry of Education and Culture, etc.) will not be accepted for participation in the Festival.

The Artistic Director, who will prepare the final program taking into consideration all aspects, including the available budget and the overall goals of the Festival, will evaluate all proposals and the Director of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture will approve the final outcome.

Proposal Submission Procedure

All proposals must be submitted electronically to, by 7 February 2020 and include the following:

Proposal Submission Procedure

All proposals must be submitted electronically to, by 7 February 2020 and include the following:

  1. Analytical description of the proposal with
    1. Reference to the director’s approach and the reasoning behind the production (2-3 pages long)
    2. Duration
    3. Number of the performances and proposed dates.
    4. Statement of how the proposal is consistent with the character and goals of the Festival
    5. Supporting material, i.e. videos and photographs of the actual show (or material from previous shows of the same group/artist in case it is a new production), reviews and any other useful information.
    6. A complete list of names and CVs of the artists and the names of the technical staff, if any.
    7. A detailed budget including all production expenses: salaries, rights, fees, production expenses, travel expenses, accommodation, fee of the production office that should not exceed 10% of the total budget (minimum fee 1,000€), per diem, technical support, VAT, sets, etc.
    8. Short profile of the production office (organization, company, institution or person) submitting the proposal (1 page).

Each proposal should be sent in one electronic file, otherwise will not be taken into consideration.

The legal representative of each of the selected proposals will be asked to sign a related contract with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.

The Festival has the exclusive right to find sponsors.

For further information or clarifications, interested parties may call the Artistic Director Mr. Andy Bargilly at +357 99 689 543 (09.00-13.30 και 16.00-18.00 daily, excluding the weekend) or email

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