Everton move ahead with new stadium plans

Liverpool club confirm planning application submission

Everton move ahead with new stadium plans

Liverpool-based club Everton FC are moving ahead with their plans for a new stadium located at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Specifically, the Blues have announced the latest update with a press statement:

“The massive response to the second stage of our public consultation has demonstrated just how strongly our proposals for a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock (within Peel L&Ps Liverpool Waters) and a community-led legacy project at Goodison Park have resonated across the city region.”

The statement follows with: “I’m pleased to confirm that our detailed planning application for a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock will be submitted on Monday 23 December. This will be followed by an outline application for a legacy project at Goodison Park, with the intention for both applications to be determined by Liverpool City Council at the same time.”

Everton move ahead with new stadium plans

In terms of what comes next, the club said: “The next step is for Liverpool City Council to review and process our significant and complex application, which will take time due to the scale of the submission, before starting their formal consultation period. We have worked closely with the Liverpool Planning Authority and Historic England to shape the application and ensure the required detail is included to enable our proposals to be appropriately considered.”

Everton provided a comment on the original design plans: “As the new visuals will show, it is a case of evolution rather than any major changes to the design presented during the second stage consultation. The results of that consultation made it clear Dan Meis’ design was incredibly well received. The elements that the feedback told us people really loved about the design – the use of brick, the steepness of the stands, the respect to the area’s heritage and nod to Archibald Leitch’s architecture in the brickwork as well as the blending of new and old – are all present within our final proposals.”

In terms of acoustics, the statement says that the current stadium was taken into consideration: “Taking our learnings from Goodison Park, we’ve been testing the acoustics of our proposed designs to measure how sounds of celebration will travel, reverberate and enhance the atmosphere but still create the sense of intimacy in a larger space. The intention is to contain the noise within the stadium to maximise the atmosphere but also to limit the impact of noise pollution on the surrounding area.”

You can see the full video of the proposed new stadium here:

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