Cyprus says goodbye to 2019 with rain and storms

Senior Meteorological Officer Philippos Tymvios speaks on preliminary weather data

Cyprus Meteorology Department issues yellow warning for near gale to gale winds

Cyprus says goodbyes to 2019 with rain and storms throughout the island, as Senior Meteorological Officer Philippos Tymvios has told the Cyprus News Agency.

Preliminary data released by the Cyprus Meteorology Department show that rain which fell from the beginning of December until today has reached 141% of the average quantity for the period.

Asked to comment on the data, Tymvios expressed satisfaction as before the latest rainfall, quantities had been lower than average. He also said that it was expected that more rain will fall until the end of the year.

Replying to questions about the weather, Tymvios said that the extreme weather of recent days “has subsided significantly and the weather is expected to remain relatively mild tomorrow”.

“Rain is still expected to fall but only locally and it is not expected to be particularly heavy,” he said.

However, he added, from Saturday onwards, a new system will form in our area which will remain at least until Tuesday.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, the weather is expected to be partially and at times cloudy with local rains and storms, he said. That is to say, he explained, the weather “will be extreme both during the day and the night.”

Replying to a question about possible snowfall, Tymvios said that it is expected that there will be snowfall during those days in high altitudes of over 1,500 meters.

Asked about the likelihood of strong winds, he noted that so far, no problems are expected to be caused by strong winds.


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