Cyprus looks forward to the opening of a new chapter in EU – UK relations

The Cyprus government has released a statement on the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union and the future relationship between the two countries

Cyprus looks forward to the opening of a new chapter in EU – UK relations

Cyprus looks forward to the opening of a new chapter in EU-UK relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says in a press release about Brexit, in which it outlines what has been agreed and lets the public know where they can access further information.

The UK will leave the EU tonight, at midnight Brussels time (23:00 GMT), the press release says.

Cyprus, it adds, like the rest of the EU has expressed its regret for the UK’s exit, but respects the country’s decision.

At the same time, it notes, “we are looking forward to the next day and the opening of a new chapter in EU relations with the UK.”

Referring to the Brexit Agreement it informs that it will be in force from February 1, 2020, and that it ensures the UK’s smooth withdrawal aiming to provide legal certainty to citizens and businesses affected by Brexit.

The agreement, it says, which was mutually agreed protects the lifelong rights of over 3 million EU citizens residing in the UK and of the over 1 million British citizens residing in the EU, it ensures the mutual fulfillment of financial obligations undertaken by the EU and the UK while it was still a member of the Union and regulates a number of other issues which have to do with the withdrawal so that a smooth exit is ensured.

The Agreement also provides Protocols which have to do with the future cooperation between Spain the UK as regards Gibraltar, the protection of the peace agreement and the avoidance of the creation of a hard border in the island of Ireland and the guarantee of the continuation of EU legislation implementation aiming to protect the interests of Cypriot and other EU citizens in the British Bases in Cyprus.

The British Bases Protocol guarantees that the EU legislation in the areas which are defined in the Protocol 3 of Cyprus EU Accession Act, will continue to be implemented in the British Bases areas so that the interests of citizens residing, work or pass through there will be ensured and their daily lives will not be affected.

At the same time, the Protocol extends the Republic of Cyprus’ competence for the implementation and enforcement of EU law in most of the areas included therein, the press release continues.

Therefore, after Brexit no change is expected to take place in the arrangements in place today for the British Bases, it says.

Referring to the transition period, the Ministry informs that it will last until December 31, 2020, and during the transition period, citizens, including students and businesses will enjoy the same state of affairs in place currently.

The UK will no longer be represented in EU bodies and institutions although the EU acquis, including EU common market fundamental freedoms such as freedom of movement and establishment of people, capital, goods and services between EU member states and the UK will continue to be in place during this period.

The EU and the UK will negotiate during the transition period their future relationship on the basis of the common political declaration, with the aim to maintain close ties, it adds.

Cyprus, the Foreign Affairs Ministry notes, “as an EU member state which enjoys long-standing ties with the UK, actively supports “the effort for an ambitious, broad, deep and mutually beneficial future relationship, having in mind the best interest of the EU, all member states and our citizens.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also assures that Cyprus has been properly prepared for the implementation of the Brexit agreement from February 1, 2020, onward.

Guaranteeing the residence rights of British citizens and their families who reside in the Republic of Cyprus has been ensured as is provided by the agreement.

Further information on matters to do with Brexit can be accessed in the following websites:

National Brexit Information Website:

Ministry of Interior, Civil Registry and Migration Department:

European Commission:

As well as from the EU Europe Direct network, which is available in all member states and all EU official languages. The toll-free number 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11 will be available during February 1 and 2.

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