Cyprus : Better Days Are Coming

Better Days Are Coming

The Akamas National Forest Park will operate by the end of 2022, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades said on Tuesday, adding that this is a feasible goal and the government remains committed in achieving it.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism has uploaded a very nice video with the message “Close your eyes and dream of an island that has it all. Cyprus is waiting for you… Plan ahead and remember, better days are coming.”


It is clear that Cyprus is on a path of recovery and is aiming to take advantage of the fact that it has not been affected from the virus at the same level as others countries. This means that Cyprus has started a slow plan on how it will re-open its market for tourism.

Cyprus will try to take advantage of its long tourism season as people can enjoy the sun and beach well into October. Cyprus at the moment has effectively closed its borders for tourism and it seems that based on the current conditions the aim is for Cyprus to expect its first tourists of the summer season in July.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism has been trying to create a plan to help tourism in Cyprus recover but unfortunately it will all depend not only on the local conditions but also in the condition of countries that Cyprus will try to attract.

Regardless we love the ministry’s message

Better days are coming

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