Corona in numbers – Top Ten both positive and negative

Top ten as at 28/04/2020


We have tried to provide you with an analysis based on number, giving you a different perspective on the top ten countries in each category as we are aware you have already spent hours reading and reviewing many reports on corona virus.

Our review is based on figures from , the figures are from April 28, 2020, 11:48 GMT.

We are not specialists in the field and this clearly a numerical analysis of current figures, we have tried to provide the Top 10 of various results both positive and negative. In addition, we have excluded all countries with under 500 confirmed cases. This is based on them either being too small, or cases are too low to provide comparable results. In addition, these numbers are limited to data available and collected by the website we used. It is clear that not all countries publish all tests or all information in a similar manner, this does not help for accuracy purposes, but it does provide a general understanding that allows you to reach your own conclusions.

Top Ten – Total test per 1 Million population

First place in this positive list goes to Iceland that has performed 46,377 test that extrapolated based on a 1 million population provides it a well-deserved first place. Cyprus is also in 8th place on this positive list. These countries have performed tests of 35,312-135,906 per 1 million population (This is based on extrapolation for countries under 1 million population)



Top Ten – Number of Deaths per confirmed cases

The first list is a list of the countries that have had the most deaths per cases found. Leading the table is Belgium with 7,331 deaths with 47,334 cases. The large number of European countries is also a major finding in this list. Countries in this top 10 have resulted in a 13%-23% death rate based on positive cases.

Top Ten – Deaths per 1M population

This lists unfortunate number one is San Marino with less than 1 million population its 538 deaths extrapolated set San Marino in the 1st place. The range of deaths for countries in this top 10 is 201-1208. (This is based on extrapolation for countries under 1 million population)

deaths 1m


Top Ten – Percentage of positive test

The number one country in this list is Andorra having 743 people test positive after 1,673 tests. Top ten countries in this list range from 44%-21% of positive test based on total tests performed.

Positive tests

*Excluding Senegal

Top Ten – Lowest percentage of positive tests

Hong Kong tops this list having 1,038 cases after 145,640 tests. Cyprus for reference in this list is in the 12th place. Countries included in this list had a 1%-2% positive result on test performed.

Lowerst positive
Corona top 10 – 28th of april

We hope you found this top ten interesting we hope that the worst is over and that the entire world is slowly on a path to recovery.


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