Feta Cheese Pasta

FETA CHEESE PASTA ingredients Olive oil 200gr Feta Cheese 15-20 Cherry Tomatoes 🍅 Fresh Oregano 🌿 Salt/chili flakes Pasta of choice Fresh basil to serve 🍃 Baking time 30mins @ 180C View tutorial below: Music: Salty People Musician: Summer Soul

Mahalebi Cyprus Style

Mahalebi Ingredients: 7 cups* water 1 cup* maze powdered starch 3 tbs sugar 1 shot rose water *The 7:1 ratio works with any cup Instructions First dissolve the all ingredients in water over a cooking non stick pot with...
Economics Research Center: Robust economic activity in Cyprus expected in 2020

Why not Limassol, Cyprus?

Why not Limassol? What’s missing? What does Limassol need to compete with major cities around the world?  Some may say Limassol is small, widespread over a large distance, on an island and far from...
New York - picture Anna

Anna Avgousti – Covid-19 Stories – New York

Anna can you please tell us about yourself Sure so I'm Anna Avgousti, I grew up in Cyprus then moved to the UK to study Actuarial Sciences, worked for a couple of years in London...


  Ingredients For Simple syrup 3 cups sugar 2 cup water A piece of cinnamon stick for flavor (optional) Bring everything to a boil while stirring constantly until dissolved and let it cool. 1 pack of Filo...
Lastly, I have made friends with my neighbors and we chat (and sometimes even sing) from our balconies.

Covid-19 Stories – Interview: Dr Marilena Elpidorou

Covid-19 Stories Dr. Marilena tell us about yourself ? Hi! My name is Dr Marilena Elpidorou and I am a molecular biologist/geneticist. I studied BSc Biomedical Sciences at UCL and then completed my PhD in Molecular...

Tiramisu Recipe

TIRAMISU The easiest, no baking time needed tiramisu recipe! Ingredients Freshly brewed coffee in lukewarm state 1/2 tsp instant coffee dissolved in shot glass 1 box ladyfingers 225 gr cream cheese 225 gr mascarpone cheese 1/2 cup icing sugar Vanilla extract 200ml fresh cream Instructions: The...

Upcoming screening: ‘In the Aisles (In den Gängen)’

The Limassol Film Club and the German embassy in Cyprus have come together to present the film 'In the Aisles (In den Gängen)', which will be screened on Monday, November the 18th, at RIO Cinema,...

Cypriot filmmaker Myrsini Aristidou shares new showreel

Cypriot filmmaker Myrsini Aristidou has shared her updated Director's reel (also known as a showreel or sizzle reel). Limassol-born Aristidou has won numerous awards for her films, including the Berlinale Short Film Special Prize of...
US deploys rapid response unit in Cyprus

US deploys rapid response unit in Cyprus

Nicosia gave its consent to a request by the United States, to temporarily station a rapid response unit in Cyprus, with a mission is to evacuate personnel working in US diplomatic missions in the...
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