Bug bounty hunters alerted by Google’s revised fee

Tech giant increases bug bounty fee to new high

Bug bounty hunters alerted by Google's revised fee

Google has upped its bug bounty fee for a very specific Android exploit to a new high sum of $1.5 million.

The tech giant’s original bug bounty initiative started with a reward of $38,000. The more popular Android became the higher the bug bounty fees became.

It goes without saying that Google will not be handing out such handsome rewards for any run-of-the-mill bug identification.

Google said that the specific exploit, in this case, can be described as a “full chain remote code execution exploit with persistence which compromises the Titan M secure element on Pixel devices.” This only applies to Google’s Pixel phones.

More plainly, this exploit would allow an attacker to manipulate a Pixel without having physical access to it, even after the device is reset and can also break into the device’s dedicated security chip.

Google describe their Titan M security chips as “an enterprise-grade security chip custom-built for Pixel 3 to secure your most sensitive on-device data and operating system.”

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