Album: Moondog – ‘Sax Pax For A Sax’ (listen)

Avant-garde jazz elevated by talented ensemble

Album: Moondog - 'Sax Pax For A Sax' (listen) - music - album

Moondog, born Louis Thomas Hardin, was an American musician, composer, theoretician, and poet. He also invented several musical instruments.

Moondog lived as a street musician and poet in New York City from the late 1940s until the early 1970s. He primarily played in midtown, Manhattan.

In 1974 Moondog moved to Germany, where he wrote, composed, and recorded new music until his death.

Sax Pax For A Sax‘ was recorded in collaboration with the London Saxophonic and offers an exploration in avant-garde jazz. In addition, it also contains a re-recording of Moondog’s ‘Bird’s Lament’. The album was made available in the summer of 2019.

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