AEL Limassol against opposition teams: The key numbers

A look at AEL Limassol's key statistics against opposition clubs so far this season

AEL Limassol against opposition teams: The key numbers

AEL Limassol are not exactly enjoying a great season so far. The Limassol club currently find themselves in 7th place with 23 points. That’s a 16 point gap from leaders Anorthosis Famagusta and a 9 point gap from fierce local rivals Apollon Limassol.

With the above in mind, we decided to look a little deeper into how AEL Limassol perform against opposition teams, on average, throughout the 2019-2020 season so far.

Goal Difference

AEL currently have a negative goal difference, which is quite poor. They’ve scored 19 goals and conceded 21. Both figures are pretty much an accurate reflection of their current position in the standings.

On average, AEL have scored 1.12 goals per game and conceded 1.24 goals.

Further, this pretty much aligns with their xG (expected goals) and xGA (expected goals against) figures of 1.25 xG and 1.26 xGA respectively.

What does this mean? That the trend of AEL scoring nearly as many goals as they concede is likely to continue.

Shots on target

AEL Limassol have an average shot number of 10.76 per game. 37.2% of those shots find the target.

Their opponents have an average shot number of 9.71 per game. 38.2% of those shots find the target.

Moreover, their average shot distance was 18.73 meters. Their opponents’ shot from 18.05 meters on average.

Passing numbers

AEL have an average passing figure of 427.12 passes per game with an accuracy rate of 83.2%.

Their opponents have had an average of 339.65 passes with an accuracy percentage of 80%.

Beyond that, they’ve had 16.28 passes per minute and 12.2% of their passes were long, direct balls.


AEL have had an average possession rate of 54.94% so far this season. Conversely, that leaves an average of 45.06% of ball possession to their opponents.

Further, they’ve passed the ball 3.98 times per possession.

Attacks and counter-attacks

In terms of counter-attacks, AEL managed to successfully complete a counter-attack with a shot 36.6% of the times they countered.

In terms of traditional positional attacks, AEL managed to finish those with a shot in 18.7% of instances. 

Meanwhile, their opponents managed to finish counter-attacks with a shot in 44.5% of the time, while they managed to finish positional attacks with a shot 19.7% of the time.

It’s interesting to note that both figures are higher than that of AEL, which could explain their high xGA and goals conceded figures.



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